Edible Garden Project

Cool Drinks -Sustainable Urban Farms & Gardens

We will be covering the theme of urban farming, particularly how municipal policies and innovative community projects are helping to expand urban and foster sustainable food supplies. The following presenters are confirmed:
*Alex KurnickiCity of North Vancouver–Introduce policies aimed at increasing farming and a stronger local food system
*Karen MortonEcoUrbia Network–Discuss the proposed Klee Wyck Farm in West Vancouver
*Leslie TopnessEdible Garden Project–Lead a tour of Loutet Farm & explain EGP programs that educate residents on how to grow their own food & share with those in need
*Ric Erickson & Sharon LisetteBee Friendly Native Bee Conservation Society–Review the importance of bees in pollinating farms and gardens, ways to attract them & tips on bee conservation. A visit to the Native Bee Conservation area in Gerry’s Garden is included.
Event Details:
Date:  Tuesday May 24 from 7:00-8:30 pm (site opens @ 6:30 pm)
Location:  Loutet Farm at Rufus Ave. & 14th St. E in North Vancouver
Admission: $10 cash on location
Event registration is at