North Shore Table Matters

Advocacy Milestones (Supporting Food Policy)

Advocacy Milestones

  • 2013 – Table Matters has finalized the proposed North Shore Community Food Charter that will be presented during the 2013 North Shore Congress.
  • 2012 – Table Matters conducted delegations to North Shore Councils proposing the development of a North Shore Community Food Charter. With municipal and residential input, the Table Matters Reference Group began drafting a proposed food charter.
  • 2011 – The Table Matters Reference Group formed following the Table Matters Networking conference in November 2010. About 20 people attend each monthly meeting and are working on projects related to priorities arising from the Table Matters event.
  • 2010 – We initiated a research project in partnership with the District of North Vancouver (DNV) assessing 400 residents’ acceptance of community gardens and interest in local foods. The survey results proved in instrumental in convincing Council members about the enthusiasm of resident for urban agriculture and planning infrastructure for local food growing and distribution. This survey added input into the Official Community Plan review process to support policy development.

Other Advocacy opportunities for the Table Matters Reference Group

  • Thirty Reference Group members signed a submission written to the DNV Official Community Plan process. The letter resulted in 4 food policies on food security and urban agriculture, they are;
  1. Encourage sustainable, local food systems through initiatives such as promotion of healthy, local foods and food projection, the facilitation of community garden, farmers markets, and urban agriculture pilot projects in appropriate locations.
  2. Integrate opportunities for urban agriculture in planning town and village centres.
  3. Collaborate with Vancouver Coastal Health and other community partners in their efforts to provide increased access by all members of the community to safe, nutritious food.
  4. Develop a food policy that defines the District’s visions and commitment to facilitating a food system that supports long term community and environmental health.
  • The City of North Vancouver consulted the Table Matters Reference Group regarding their initial proposal for a food strategy.