North Shore Table Matters

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What is Food Security?

Food security is a new and broad concept, encompassing the safety, quality and sustainability of our food supply and residents’ access to a healthy diet.

Why a food security and urban agriculture network?

Networks have been established to create collective solutions to complex problems through cross-boundary action, whether those boundaries are jurisdictional, organizational, programmatic, geographic, professional, or sectoral. Food is a complex issue! We need everyone involved to look at our community’s access to fresh, local food.

Vancouver Coastal Health and North Shore Table Matters Network

In light of the variety and diversity of activities happening in our community, Vancouver Coastal Health North Shore decided to allocate a portion of our food security funding to provide networking events and build a food security network. The main purpose is to gather those involved into pockets of activity, and other interested people to learn more about urban agriculture and explore potential for collaboration, community action and the development of a North Shore wide advisory committee and supportive public policies.

Vancouver Coastal Health North Shore Role and Vision

Food Security is a core BC public health program. The vision for the Vancouver Coastal Health Food Security program is working with partners toward the goal that all residents have access to adequate amounts of safe, nutritious, culturally appropriate foods, produced in an environmentally sustainable way and provided in a manner that promotes dignity.  Vancouver Coastal Health is working towards healthier communities, families and individuals.

Key Members and Partners

Several member organizations and representatives of local government have taken instrumental leadership roles in steering the work of the Table Matters Network.  These include the Edible Garden Project, North Shore Recycling Program and planners of the City of North Vancouver, the District of North Vancouver and the District of West Vancouver.