Bees Die-off Linked to Neonicotinoid Pesticides

Bees, moving amongst flowers, pollinating fruits and vegetables in the garden, a happy scene, becoming increasingly at-risk.  Bees are dying at unprecedented rates while large chemical-producing companies maintain their products do not directly kill bees.  However, a bee collecting pollen from exposed plants suffers lowered immunity and impaired memory, leaving them unable to return home.  Lowered immunity and the subsequent viruses cause bees to leave the hive and die elsewhere.  Symptoms of lowered immunity and impaired memory..think of human autism, Alzheimer’s — we share the same  poisoned environment !  BAYER, a company producing neonicotinoids, is fighting the EU’s ban.
The European Union has enacted a two year ban on a class of pesticides, beginning Dec 1, 2013. Read more…
Europe Bans Pesticides Thought Harmful to Bees, New York Times
Mother Jones: Bayer Pesticides Behind Massive Bee Die-off?, My Fresh Local
-Judith Brook

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