Food Rescue Scaling-up Food Rescue

North Van Secondary Students Get a Taste of Food Rescue

Mountainside Secondary 2015A group of Mountainside Secondary students have been given the opportunity to incorporate the Scaling-up Food Rescue Project into their Social Justice course work. On March 31, Rubina and Scott went to the school and invited the youth to join in the food rescue dialogue while their peers from Media Arts filmed the session, spurring interest and opening possibilities for students coming from a few different disciplines.
Participants were encouraged to offer feedback on a number of pertinent topics:
Define hunger?
Why access to food & health concerns are social justice issues.
What is food rescue?
How and why is edible food not eaten?
How can we bring about change in our community?
The students, teachers and administrators at Mountainside have shown great interest in our food rescue efforts and we are committed to nurturing these ongoing relationships well into the future.