Start-ups, organizations take on America’s food waste challenge, PBS NewsHour

Start-ups, organizations take on America’s food waste challenge | Video | PBS NewsHour | PBS.
In the last few years, other companies have sprung up to tackle the food waste problem while also trying to make a profit.
Start-ups like Food Cowboy and Crop Mobster connect food suppliers who have excess fresh produce to organizations that feed people in need… cutting waste and charging a small commission on the transaction.
Another company, Daily Table, wants to make money on the fact that most grocery stores can only sell perfect looking fruits and vegetables.  The company wants to sell bruised and oversized produce at discounted prices.
Back in West Virginia, just 15 miles from the VA medical center, a local farmer, Cam Tabb, has also found a way to make money and reduce the amount of food going into landfills.
On his 1800-acre farm, he grows a variety of crops and raises livestock. But Tabb has also built a thriving composting business.
The VA medical center pays Tabb to pick up their leftover food scraps every two weeks. He trucks this to his compost heap where it supplements other organic waste that will decompose over time.

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