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Food is about a lot more than what we buy or eat. Food sustains us,and our communities, in so many ways. That’s why food is the place where our most pressing issues converge — poverty, health and wellbeing, our environment and economy – they all hit home at our kitchen table.
This year’s Vital Signs report, Fertile Ground: Sowing the seeds of change in Canada’s food system, explores our relationship with food and asks how communities can mobilize locally to build a better food system for the future.
Canadians are already driving change in many different ways – from community food centres to farmers’ markets to school nutrition programs – and we need to keep that action and momentum going.
Next steps: #3Things4Food
Vital Signs gives community foundations a national platform for discussion and action. We hope our focus on food will allow us to do three things:

  1. Share with community foundations, and the communities we serve, a snapshot of a complex issue that promotes understanding and action.
  2. Start a discussion about the role that community foundations can play locally, and nationally, in the area of food.
  3. Connect with national organizations in the food space to identify opportunities for shared action.

We’re also asking Canada to act – to do “three things for food” that address issues and challenges related to food in your community. What are you doing in your community? Tell us your #3Things4Food today.

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