Collaboration Event Food Charter

Activating the North Shore Community Food Charter

Earlier this year, we embarked on a community engagement process to bring the North Shore Community Food Charter to life. It was incredible listening to how passionate our members are about food issues. We held two events, one for Food Charter signatories and one for the whole Network. You can find out more about what was discussed by visiting the links below.

Food Charter Signatory Meeting February 2019

Table Matters Networking Meeting April 2019

Both events were well attended and will serve as a launching pad for future work. We re-visited all the wonderful food work that has been happening on the North Shore; shared a wealth of information on how other communities have moved their food charters forward; gave organizations an opportunity to talk about emerging needs and initiatives and the support they need to move them forward; and, highlighted tools we all can use to engage policymakers and the community.

A new approach was also introduced; one that we are referring to as “infusing food” into community dialogue, policy and life on the North Shore. Think of it as a way to work smarter; have a greater impact; build partnerships with people who are not normally food advocates; and, ensure that as we talk about a wide variety of issues – things like traffic and housing for example – food becomes part of the conversation.

A network member recently likened our new approach to a bottle of garlic infused olive oil, where the garlic is always present. What a great analogy because after all, food is integral to everyone’s well being and to life on the North Shore!

Share with us how you are “infusing food” on the North Shore through social media by using #infusingfoodNS.