BC Cost of Eating Report 2015 Released

Here is a brief summary of the 2015 food costing report:

  • In May and June 2015, the Regional Health Authorities collected and priced information for 67 food items in nearly 200 grocery stores across BC to determine the cost of a nutritionally adequate, balanced diet. This list includes only basic which require cooking and preparation.
  • The average monthly cost of a nutritious food basket (NFB) for a reference family of four in British Columbia in 2015 is $974, which shows a cost increase of $60/month since 2013.
  • In Vancouver Coastal Health the average cost in 2015 was $997 , which is an increase of $63 since 2013.
  • The cost of a healthy diet can affect individuals and families of all incomes but can have the highest impact among households with the lowest incomes. These are also the households that are most food insecure and face numerous health and social challenges.
  • Health Canada History of food baskets in Canada.