FoodPrint Challenge

FoodPrint Challenge Opens Today!

How much money could you save by throwing out less food?

Everyone wastes food, and about half of this waste happens in our homes! In Canada, an average family of four throws out nearly $1,500 per year. By wasting less food, we can all save money and maybe even eat better.
The Table Matters Network created the North Shore FoodPrint Challenge to help raise awareness around food waste. We are inviting residents of the North Shore to take five days and measure and report all preventable food waste – food that could have been eaten but is thrown out. Those who sign up early will receive a free digital kitchen scale. Shopping, meal planning and food storage tips will be sent to participants. After completing the five-day challenge, participants will be asked to complete an online survey to report their results and be entered to win groceries courtesy of North Shore food retailers!
Reducing food waste not only saves money, but also helps the environment by reducing the waste of resources needed to grow, package, and transport food, such as fuel and water. Your participation will provide valuable information on preventable food waste on the North Shore.
The challenge will run from March 30 – April 30, 2015. or visit for more information and to sign up. Find our TwittVCH-News-Food-waste-photo-1-536x283er and Facebook pages too! Supporting partners include Vancouver Coastal Health, North Shore Recycling Program andFarm Folk, City Folk.