North Shore Food Connections

SiverHarbourcookingWorking in tandem is the key to success, proving once again that the end product can turn out to be many times greater than the sum of each part.
A relay organized by the Scaling Up Food Rescue Project and involving 4 teams on Feb 11 synchronized their efforts and produced a satisfying lunch for members of the community:
Coach Scaling Up Food Rescue Project
Tag Team No.1 Real Canadian SuperStore
*Donated un-marketable produce
Tag Team No. 2 Community Angel Food Runners
*Picked-up donations from Canadian SuperStore and delivered them to kitchen at Silver Harbour Senior Centre
Tag Team No. 3 Silver Harbour Senior Centre
*Chef Zoltan created Roasted Red Bell Pepper Soup from donated produce
Tag Team No. 4 A volunteer from North Shore Neighbourhood House
*Picked-up the soup from Silver Harbour and delivered it to the
North Vancouver Food Hub
Tag Team No. 5 North Vancouver Food Hub
*Volunteers served prepared soup for lunch
And the winners enjoyed delicious offerings thanks to this combined effort.
To get involved with Scaling Up Food Rescue’s ongoing projects, contact Rubina Jamal, Project Coordinator: [email protected]
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