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North Shore 2014 Election Survey Results

The 2014 Municipal elections are coming up on November 15th.  Have your say and get out and vote!  We’ve been doing a little work to help you learn more about the candidates and their views on urban agriculture and food security.

The past few weeks, we sent out a survey to all the north shore 2014 election candidates, and we’re sharing their responses below. Candidates from the City of North Vancouver, District of North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Bowen Island, and Lion’s Bay were contacted – please scroll down to find your municipality.

Although the survey responses offer a quick look at where candidates stand, we also suggest you read their written responses. We have also provided PDF files of all of the responses that you can also download for easy viewing on your desktop.

Survey Results:

City of North Vancouver

District of North Vancouver

District of West Vancouver

Bowen Island

Lion’s Bay